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You may or may not remember me. I referred a few patients in the past to you, but working as a hospitalist had seldom the opportunity to share care with you.

I came across your web page researching the TSBME. I understand the abject and incomprehensible despair that must accompany you continuously. I took the time to read the entire five or six hundred pages of transcript. I never saw any of the news or papers as I had relocated to a small town, and simply didn’t listen to radio, TV or read newspapers.

I recognize I have no words to assuage your grief and pain, but know that when I read the records of the TSBME your innocence and the mob phenomena of the witnesses is what impressed me most. I wish you well; I know not the status of your case or license.

While I understand, and even agree with most of their decisions and interpretation, the extreme and damning actions they take seem reactionary, not contemplative. In fact, I think an innocent doctor has a much worse time with this current board, especially if you are from Austin. So, hang in there. You know in your heart and soul what occurred. I don’t know what the universe is asking of you, but perhaps time will tell. Good luck, you are in my prayers.

N. A., M.D.