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My name is Irene A. Howe. I have been a patient of Dr. Leonard since I had a brain tumor removed in June of 1994. Because of his personal dedication and professional knowledge, he was finally able to almost stop all seizure activity that resulted from the removal of the brain tumor, and I have thankfully regained a normal life.

To illustrate what I mean by “dedicated”, Dr. Leonard allowed me to come in the office at any time my seizures affected me so he could continue to monitor my progress to recovery. I can’t count the number of medications he tried to finally obtain a balance. When available, he always gave me samples before I had to fill a prescription. He would always call after each medication change to ensure I didn’t have and side effects, often after normal office hours. He encouraged me, and my husband as well, to call in him at any time to discuss my progress and any side effects the medications had upon me. I have never received or experienced more professional care or dedicated service from any another physician I’ve ever met.

I have read the allegations made against Dr. Leonard and find them totally unbelievable!!! First, I am totally appalled at a system that would deny an individual to be able to practice based upon unproven allegations. Two, if a few patients felt they had been treated improperly, why in the world did they continue to come back? Makes me pretty suspicious!!! I stopped touching the stove after the FIRST time I got burned!!! Third, how long can these unproven allegations be allowed to literally destroy him financially, while his delighted patients are denied service???

Please take whatever action is necessary to ensure this matter is properly settled, so Dr. Leonard can return to the practice he loves, and support the patients he cares so much about. I sincerely hope this matter is brought to closure very soon. I remain available to share to anyone my experiences with Dr. Leonard, and if it will help closure, don’t hesitate to call me, publish my remarks, or ask me to testify on Dr. Leonard’s behalf.

Irene A Howe