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In regards to Dr. Leonard, I have known Dr. Leonard in the medical community of Austin, Texas for 8 years.

His treatment of patients that I have referred to him has been excellent, and without complaint of any kind. In addition, he has referred me patients for advanced pain management treatment, and these patients again have expressed only praise and compliments about Dr. Leonard’s care for them.

In my 8 years in Austin, I have interacted with Dr. Leonard at social functions, clinical meetings, hospital wards and over the phone and via mail, and have great respect for his professional and serious approach to medicine and his patients and colleagues. I feel I am in a position to know his patient population fairly well, and his referral network fairly well, and again, have only positive impressions of his practice and ethics.

If I can be a source of more specific or further information, please let me know.


Robert P. Wills, MD
Anesthesiology, Pain Management
Austin, Texas