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In private, Doctors are outraged at the successful “set up” of a Doctor. We all know as men that a woman can make any accusation that they want and we just hope that our character would provide a support for us.

There is a powerful reason to lie. Certain patients did NOT get what they wanted in Workman’s Compensation or Disability determinations which cost them tens of thousands of dollars. They simply “got even” with Leonard. Is it possible? Read their Criminal Records, then decide. The charges against Dr. Leonard would be a joke but for the fact that the State Board accepted the Complaints and refused to investigate them.

Since accusations on “inappropriate touching” (bottle of lidocaine, neurological hammer, etc in front pocket) means that the State Board will automatically believe the woman regardless of the presence of one’s criminal rap sheet, you can expect that more doctors will just not treat these right risk patients.

Dr. S Smith