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Dear Dr. Leonard,

You have been my Dr. for 17 years and you have never done anything but help me. You never stop until you find that pain, wherever it is at, and fix the problem…. and if you can’t you find someone who can. You are one of the most caring doctors I have ever been to. I have been to your office when I could barely move and you didn’t turn me down even if I didn’t have an appointment.Lots of people wish or imagine something would happen in their minds when it doesn’t and when it doesn’t they get upset and start up a lot of lies. I sit or lay just thinking why people could ruin a good Doctors name and family and his practice after all he and his family have been through so he could become who he is.

These people or persons can’t imagine how they are not only hurting you but your patients. Yes, I’ve been to other doctors since you’ve been away to get meds here and there to get some relief, but they won’t give me my shots or feel my back or legs or wrist to see where the pain is. If these people knew what they are doing to people like me, besides your other patients, they would stop this nonsense. These people need to stop this craziness and send you back to us ASAP. You always know what injections what medicines I needed and was on. You didn’t need me to tell you. These other doctors say just take your meds Alice. Do they want me to turn into a junky?

I need YOU. I need a good doctor, a caring doctor. Its hard to trust any doctor. The other day, I went into the ER and I’m more sore now my sugar shot up to almost 700. Some Doctors don’t care about my back or legs or the rest of me. It’s been almost a week and I can barely walk. I don’t want to be paralyzed. That’s what ‘s going to happen if they don’t let you come back. When are they going to get all the experience you’ve got with this crazy body of mine. How are these doctors going to understand when its hurricane season or when it gets cold or all the humid weather comes…. why I need my injections…. why you have to change my meds. They don’t know about all my spasms… how painful they are or when there is a tornado how I get worse they don’t know how my nerves bunch up, why I can’t move or what to do for me. Only you with all your experience know my body’s nerves and spasms and pain. It doesn’t matter if you have to touch from the top of my neck to my whole body so you can find my pain so I can get better wherever the pain is you always find it and fix it.

Since you’ve been gone, sometimes I can’t get up because the pain is getting worse. It’s these peoples’ fault I’m getting worse. Do you know I have a wheel chair now, because you’re not here to take care of me. These people don’t know or care what they are doing to your patients. But I do because I’m one of them. Remember how I used to walk with my granddaughter at the football field? Now I can’t! Remember how I used to walk to Mrs. Edna, my 99 years old neighbor or Alice 64 or 74 year old neighbor? Well, I still can walk to Alice but not to Mrs. Edna and I’m only 52 years old. Why are these people doing this to me? I don’t want to ride in my wheelchair but I have to now. Crissy has to go to the store with me in case I fall or I have to send Robert my friend. I tell the doctor about all the popping going on with my body. They say all bones pop, Yes, I agree… but a pop is a pop! The pops in my body are making it worse!

Maybe, I need to go to legal aid and have them judge for all the pain and stress they are putting me through. Because they won’t let you come back and do your job which is taking care of people like me who really need you. I don’t have any money but someone has got to listen to my plea. Dr. Leonard, why do these people want not just you but your patients to suffer? After all those years you study so you could be the doctor you are to get your practice pay those high insurance so someone could come along with this and take you away from us they must have a mental problem or a lot of hate for someone else’s mistake — not you. We shouldn’t have to suffer for someone else’s stupidity. You are more than a doctor you are a friend, and a mentor. We have always been able to count on you. They don’t always feel the pain. I don’t want to go to the nursing home. I want to be the old me. My Crissy is 14 years old and she has to finish school and be someone like you.

You’re the best, Dr. Leonard! You’re not in it for the money. You’ve been with me through Texas Rehabilitation still until now Medicaid and care . Lots of doctors don’t take people like me who don’t have money but you have always stood by my side even on your day off you’ve seen to me. Who are they to play God and judge you and your patients why just tell me why we should suffer for someone who must accuse you and made a mistake and is too ashamed to admit it … or they are after a fast dollar. We need you back, Dr. Leonard. Tell them! Make them listen! We have the best …and years with you and one can tell a lie but not everyone can be a good Doctor like you. Tell the people who are playing God to put those people in a cracker jack box and send back to sender and them to send you back to me and your patients!

Alice Lopez