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This Patient has observed too much.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a patient of Dr. Leonard and must come out today and review what has transpired both with DR. Leonard as well as his practice, patients, and my health. DR. Leonard Started being my “Main treating Physician” some 8 to 10 years ago.

He has seen me through a bi-lateral mastectomy for invasive carcinoma, (I must say missed by a well known clinic and the radiology department-of whom took actions to no longer employ the radiologist)…did I bring suit against them…NO! This radiologist knew that he was covering up what had been there for some years…I went in the removal of “a small lump that had been bothering me for some 4 years” and two weeks later had no breasts…

There have been other medical malpractice’s that the local community have just “elected” to look the other way…but we now have DR. Phil Leonard who is in “solo” practice. He works very hard, sees untold patients per day, and I have been in his waiting room with many other very humble patients waiting for our time to see this kind Physician.

Let’s look at what was said at his hearing in which I was an attendee…

1st. Ladies, how many times have we “nudged” our husbands that their “fly ” was open, how many times have we been caught with the top button of our blouse un-done with the seat belt of our cars, how many of our Professors, teachers, dentists, store clerks, oral hygienists, have had unfortunate clothing problems…

2nd. How many dental visits have you had that leaned on your chest, elbow on your breasts to work on your back teeth, or worse still drill and maneuver the dental floss, …or had the dentist “straddle” you to do an oral surgical procedure…

3rd. How many of you out there have had your eyes checked…the lights turned out…the eye doctor sits on a rolling stool and rolls himself or herself right up between your legs or straddles them while “nose to nose his or her breath right on your face…just to peer into your eyes…did this eye doctor take two seconds more than they should have, did they have an assistant there, a “baby sitter…Doctor Sitter..no just no ! … BUT YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF …NO !!

4tH. Ladies, how often do you have your check ups with your OB-GYN ? Is a nurse ALWAYS present…not always…you know that, they may be there for the pap-smear, but not always for the breast exam, the doctor “turns on that little light” when he or she is ready for “the pap”

5th How many of you out there small ladies or large ladies small men or large men are aware of the blood pressure technique…how many of you ladies have had a male or female doctor grab your wrist, tuck your hand and forearm under his arm pit and begins to “wrap the blood pressure cuff around your own upper arm…this happens all the time…in hospitals, for check ups, every where, all the time…what is all the fuss about.

NOW Those of you at the hearing, there existed the most sickening and act of exposure right in front of me THE GALLEY and poor Doctor Leonard…the court reporter wore a very short dress…she had on white panties, as the court reporting machine was placed not at her side and with “lady like sitting” SHOULD have been turned with her side to the “galley”…no! She did not even so much as place her machine to the side of her knees which would have been more comfortable for those of us sitting in front of this “view”…she was a little heavy, her skirt riding high on her thighs, and the machine right up and in the middle of her legs “spread facing” Dr. Leonard and the “galley”…is this reason to bring suit for exposure…not at all…it is a job…a job that brings with it certain possible mistakes, or oversights. Many around me brought my attention to this “exposure” which was very untimely for Dr. Leonard, and for the group trying to bring this hard working Doctor down…take him out of practice and, yes, take all court reporters to “Finishing School and Lady like composure”, compel and make them wear long loose trousers – no dresses or skirts allowed and make sure the sippers are not plastic and that they are not over-weight….remove any eye doctor from his or her practice for turning out the lights and rolling themselves up to breath in your face “while they look deep into your eyes…or mandate that they have a “Sitter”, and that goes for dentists, OB-GYN’s oh… yes… and the Attorney, on the other side, who kept his hands under his jacket or suit coat rubbing his crotch, then worked his fingers up to smell them, then to methodically rub his lips only to repeat this process over and over through-out his calling Dr. Leonard a pervert…

There was only one mischaracterization going on here and that was in sight of all of this hearing, there was “over sight” on the part of this panel and it was on your side of the dias! One big mistake in judgement, in mishandling of anyone’s respectful care, and composure for the galley… that mishandling was done TO Dr. Leonard. Review your film of the proceedings…you will see that I am correct in my “over-view of room”…

Oh yes,…to the Hispanic doctor on the board…my grandmother used language such as you called “reason for removal from the medical field”, and I loved my “Wellita”…cute and loving for “Little Loving Grandmother” ! (I never got slapped ! I was hugged in return ! ! !) Also you will note on your visit to Walgreens…there are “Band-Aides” brand and “Curaid’s” ( a little one is “Curitas” (spelling not so sure) So, this said, should you call giving someone a “Band-di-tos” (as in a rough non-acceptable Bandito ?) The same language goes for both…But am sure of Curaids which is spanish for Band-Aids type tape…Johnson and Johnson doesn’t have a problem with the name ! Why should you?? And by the way, yes…tell all men to take their hands out of their pockets and “stop jingling the change” in the presence of women ! and Do not smell your fingers after doing so as well!

To the Board, your arguments short, small, no depth, lawyers making money. You filled your “quota” for removing yet another doctor…do you feel better?…why were you so angry and so personal about your assumed pleasure in destruction?…why don’t you take on Medicare Reform or better still fight to get Medicare Rx coverage, put your Ph D’s and MD’s to work! Will you see all of Dr. Leonard’s patient load…”dirty your hands on the indigent” ?

Can you give me back my breasts ? Your anger is misplaced… Go after the doctors that remove the wrong leg, or over look care and compassion…or worse still “have none”…leave Dr. Leonard to help the ones Doctors like you don’t want to see, because we may be maimed, ugly, black, breast-less…and worse still poor…indigent…but very much in need…give us back Dr. Leonard, clean up the above…”if you can”, if not.,give us back our caretaker -caregiver!!

There is an old saying among Attorney’s “You are guilty till proven indigent” Surely there is a counter part for this in the Medical community ! Please pass this on to all levels of Dr. Philip J. Leonard, peerreview, or personally, but most especially to the “Thank you Dr. Leonard”…most assuredly…Thank you !

Post script: Dr. Leonard, you were right, again !…and you were very kind to see me through yet another missed medical problem by other physicians…I had an 80% blockage in my left kidney…you kindly and respectfully helped me, you knew I was not making up my pain, you believed in me and YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH THAT MEANS TO A PATIENT WHO HAS BEEN VERY , VERY ILL ! . Thank you AGAIN !

(Name With-held)